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Disney Dreamlight Valley Community Challenge & Giveaway

Disney Dreamlight Valley Community Challenge & Giveaway

Gameloft recently tweeted out a challenge for the Disney Dreamlight Valley community, and if the goals are met, rewards will be sent to all the players! 

This community challenge centres around building your very own amusement park, as the latest update — the fourth major content update for the game — launched alongside the newest Star Path, and it's brimming with furniture and decor revolving around the Disney attractions and park. To find the eligible furniture, check out their blog post right here!

 Disney Dreamlight Valley community challenge rewards

Although the main rewards for the challenge revolve around in-game decor items — such as the Crafted Road & Fencing Pack and the Mystery Disney Parks Item — there is also a chance to win a 500USD ShopDisney gift card. In order to get an entry, players can post pictures on social media of their parks with the tags #DreamlightPark and #DisneyDreamlightValley, or do it through the Gleam widget here!

And last but not least, by inputting the code DREAMLIGHTPARK in-game, you'll receive a free Rusted trashcan to get a head start on the challenge, which will be available until the 31st of May!

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