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Disney Dreamlight Valley Update Information and Trailer

The fourth major content update to Disney Dreamlight Valley is here! And with it arrives the latest Star Path — which is themed around the Disney parks — new features and content have been added, too!

Starting with the Star Path, aside from bringing a ton of iconic attractions from the parks, it also includes two new dresses — one for Donald and one for Goofy. And for the big fans of Disney, there are a ton of references to find! And if the new items from the Star Path aren't enough to quench your buying needs, both Scrooge's store and the Premium Shop have received new items!

As for the newly added content and features, players will be happy to know that Gameloft — the developers for the game — have added some community-driven changes, too. These include improvements to the well-fed buff, as now you can hold down a button to activate the sprint, and there's a chance to get extra resources when you harvest with a full bar! Additionally, pets have gotten an upgrade, as there will be more interactions to have with them, such as selfie poses and new crafting items in the station for them! If you'd like to help the game get better, Gameloft encourages players to share their feedback.

And last but not least, there will be an Easter event starting on the 8th of April and ending on the 29th. During this time, you'll find a ton of new items as you explore the Valley, new quests for WALL·E, and new seasonal duties to complete!

If you'd like to read the whole blog post about everything that's arriving, check it out here! And don't miss out on the update trailer here on GameGrin!

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