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Havendock Sets Sail in Early Access Soon

Havendock, a cosy colony sim, is set to release in Steam Early Access on the 20th of April 2023. The updated trailer that comes with this announcement features glimpses of a peaceful life for you and other castaways as you build a town in the middle of the ocean. You’ll start with just a few pieces of driftwood, but soon you’ll be farming, raising cute animals, cooking delicious meals, exploring the ocean floor with a submarine, or sending a rocket to the skies. Created by solo developer, Yeo Ying Zhi (aka YYZ), Havendock looks the like the kind of game you unwind with after a long day, and its demo has already attracted over 100,000 players who have been charmed by its experience.

Enjoyed solo or in an experimental co-op mode with friends, Havendock combines resource management, base building, and life sim elements in its gameplay. You’ll be able to automate everything, managing tasks and production to keep your settlers happy and healthy. Not only can your settlers help with tasks, but you can also assign tasks to fluffy animals or advanced robots. You’ll also explore outside of your settlement, using advanced technologies like a submarine or sailing to neighbouring islands to gather important resources.

Havendock Screenshot

In an interview with PC Gamer, YYZ discussed the importance of community feedback for Havendock’s development, which is why players were invited to the game early on. “You can build something for a very long time and keep it hidden in your drawer, or you can just show it to people and see how they react. And from there, you can iterate, you can change it, you can pivot it at some point,” said Krzysztof Masternak of Different Tales, Havendock’s publisher. With the game's Early Access release, you'll get a chance to have a real impact on the game and join its growing fanbase. 

Havendock is coming to PC Early Access via Steam on the 20th of April.

Alyssa Rochelle Payne

Alyssa Rochelle Payne

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