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Top Gear Goes to America!

No, I'm not on about the "America" special they did last year where they drove from Florida to New Orleans. For those without a map of the USA, that's the nobly bit at the bottom right to half way across the bottom part, where Hurricane Katrina hit.

I'm on about those dam yanks taking one of our shows again. They tried with 'The Office', 'Coupling' and 'Red Dwarf' (and mostly fail). This time however it seems they are on a winner. Reports are coming back from those that managed to get tickets to the pilot recording, that it was well liked and similar to TG-UK.

Before the taping however, rumors spread on the net about Jay Leno being a host, which he denied in his online column for the TimeOnline.

"I ask: what’s the plan for the show? “Well, like, one week you build a car that flies and the next week you make a car that goes under water.” So I said: you know you can’t build these things in a week.

In my mind I can just see Jeremy lambasting Americans for what they did to his show. So I think: I’ve got to run away from this as quickly as I can."

The presenters have been confirmed as to being Adam Carolla (A radio comedian), Tanner Foust (Stunt driver) and Eric Stromer (DIY Builder). From what Jay's off hand comment about them doing the same stunts as our guys, having Eric on the team may just pay off.

The Pilot Show was filmed last Saturday (July 26th '08) in Los Angeles and although a little rough around the edges, all which managed to get tickets said there was chemistry between the three, and has the basis of a good show. Weather this means that the show will work is another thing.

Even Clarkson has a view on the show.

"This is fantastic news - but how on earth you lot are going to do it on the wrong side of the road I've no idea." Article Here


But wait, there’s more. Now I know those that have watched the 6th episode of the present series (Series 11) will know about the 'German Top Gear', and know how good Sabine Schmitz is (She's the one that tried to race the Ford Transit around the Nurburgring Circuit), but there’s even plans on an Australian version.

Personally I think Jeremy is trying to take over the word, he does control Top Gear UK you know …



… Industrious little fella that he is.

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