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Kingdom Hearts IV Leak Reveals Surprising Worlds

Kingdom Hearts IV Leak Reveals Surprising Worlds

Information about the much-anticipated next entry of the Kingdom Hearts franchise has been leaked to the public via reddit by a user going by the name YJGF2023, who has since been banned from the platform. While the post only managed to last two minutes before being taken down, some were able to save the post. Most of it was just the basic gameplay elements already shown in the reveal trailer, but the most shocking reveals were the worlds included, with 13 levels either being worked on or at least considered. Here are all the worlds described in the leak.


Star Wars

2894799 2885935 star wars battlefront e3 screen 5 weapon variety wm

There were rumours, and people have analysed the initial reveal trailer to deduce that Endor would be one of the worlds, and this leak seems to confirm that. It is unknown if familiar characters like Luke Skywalker or Rey will appear or if there’ll be characters created specifically for this world, but we will just have to wait and see. Lightsaber Keyblade, please!


Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Atlantica 1024x576

A frequent request by fans, Atlantis: The Lost Empire is considered an underrated gem amongst Disney movies and deserves more recognition. Hopefully, its inclusion may stir up enough support for a modern re-release.



duck tales duckburg1180x600

A surprising consideration given the fact that it was mainly a location from such TV series as DuckTales and Darkwing Duck. Is it possible we’ll be getting more worlds based on old TV shows in the future?

Swordsman Island

There’s very little information about this world other than it serves as a tutorial area before Quadratum is made available.

Land of the Dead



A fairly obvious choice, given what happened to Sora at the end of Kingdom Hearts III. It would be nice to see a little Spanish culture in Kingdom Hearts (and maybe some good music).

Ornament Valley


Another original world from the looks of it. From what I could gather from the leak, it could be a minigame world like all the Winnie The Pooh levels in the previous games.

Oakey Oaks

Chicken Little


An odd choice of world considering the reception of the film, but Chicken Little was one of Sora’s summons in Kingdom Hearts II (if only to promote the movie when it came out), so it will be interesting to see how it plays out. 

Funhouse Forest

There’s little information regarding this world other than the name. Likely based on an old Mickey Mouse cartoon or an original world altogether. It’s hard to say.

Lonesome Manor


Not much information based on the leak, but it looks to be a world based on the Haunted Mansion attraction from the Disneyland theme parks. It might open up other possibilities for worlds in the future.

Island of Nomanisan

The Incredibles


A significant location where a majority of the first The Incredibles movie took place. Hopefully, Sora gets a superhero-themed costume!

RLS Legacy

Treasure Planet

RLS Legacy

Another highly requested Disney movie to be put into Kingdom Hearts. Why the world isn't just called Treasure Planet or named after an actual location escapes me. Maybe it's set after the movie?

Palace of the Sun

The Emperor's New Groove


It seems this world will mainly take place with Kuzco’s palace, likely taken over by Yzma— who is controlling the heartless — after Kuzco's transformation. It might include animal transformations and a rollercoaster down to Yzma’s lab.

Another World Beyond


A rather vague name with no other provided details, but it seems to be another original world created for Kingdom Hearts. How it relates to Sora’s story remains to be seen, although I do have a strong feeling it's the last level.

While nothing is set in stone, Kingdom Hearts IV is proving to be one of the most ambitious entries of the franchise to date and a proper start to the next saga of Kingdom Hearts. I, for one, look forward to Tetsuya Nomura’s madness coming to fruition in virtual form.

And if you haven’t realised yet, just take a good look at the first letter of all the world names starting from the bottom.

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Dylan Pamintuan

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Edythe gibson
Edythe gibson - 05:06pm, 1st April 2023

I ???? it

Stephen Vaagbay
Stephen Vaagbay - 08:29pm, 1st April 2023

Is Donald n goofy gonna be in number 4 with Sora?

Jaroy - 10:03pm, 1st April 2023

The most fakest fake leaks ever made up

Nightowl - 10:58pm, 1st April 2023

Can confirm I was the reddit post

Real funny
Real funny - 06:57am, 2nd April 2023

You really took the time to type all that for an April fool's joke... ????????‍♂️

UknownHero - 06:58am, 2nd April 2023 Author

Yes I did! I actually wrote it in early March.

John Sabado
John Sabado - 02:56pm, 2nd April 2023

Ok, April Fool's aside, Endor does start with an E not a Y so joke is incomplete. Also, I believe KH4 will mix it up and actually get some Star Wars content, hopefully with Ahsoka in it. I also wish they explore Final Fantasy Worlds, I know KH is under Disney but its a collab of FF characters also so yes I would like to see Midgar