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Big Ambitions Releases to Massive Success — Developer Releases Thank-You Video

Big Ambitions was released on Steam Early Access on the 10th of March 2023 and has since received massive praise from fans of the title. In just a few short days, the game hit Overwhelmingly Positive with 3,269 reviews (at the time of writing), and more sales and reviews coming in every day!

Hovgaard Games, the four-person development studio behind Big Ambitions, has sold over 100,000 copies. With this success, the team released A Message From Uncle Fred, a short and in-character video talking about how grateful the team is and what kinds of plans they have now that they aren't handcuffed to a tight budget. With airports, private jets, a vacation home, production factories, more business types, more products, and more in the talks, Big Ambitions is about to be able to meet its biggest ambitions.

“We always knew we had a great game, but we never expected a result like this, considering the game is only just entering Early Access. We're very grateful and proud to be able to entertain so many people around the world. This is only the beginning.” — Jonas Hovgaard, CEO and Founder

Big Ambitions Out Now on Steam Early Access Image A Message From Uncle Fred YouTube Video

Big Ambitions has joined the ranks among Steam's finest, especially sporting an Early Access tag, so make sure you don't miss out on the hype and join in on the development period!

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