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Floating Island of Nucifera Early Access Trailer and Information

Floating Islands of Nucifera is coming out this month! In this colourful title, you'll be able to adventure throughout the abandoned world in the sky and gather all sorts of treasure to pay off a family debt.

Aside from uncovering what the dangerous lands have to offer, there are many quests to take on, tons of turn-based fights, fly and upgrade an airship, and — most importantly — manage a shop the way you want. Nucifera offers a lot of control over the customisation and prices of the items you sell: you decide the inventory, how much each item will cost, when and what to upgrade, and even where all the items go.

Stay on the lookout for the game's Early Access release on the 11th of April for Steam, and Xbox later in 2023. Check out the trailer here on GameGrin for a better, more in-depth look at how the game looks and plays!

Violet Plata

Violet Plata

Staff Writer

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